Friday, 12 February 2016

Adaptation B: Research

In a previous tutorial Alan suggested I spend some time around children to understand them better. 
Yesterday evening I borrowed Emma's Children and their friends to ask them some questions and just see what they were up to. 

I asked them about what they found boring and I didn't actually get a lot from them, infact they had a much easier time talking about what was interesting to them. I also asked them about characters and cartoons but it seemed they preferred games. While I got most of my answers from Alex and Emily who are the oldest, seeing Lucy play was pretty interesting. She was playing with a big pink car with Anna in the drivers seat and when the cars was doing flips I asked if Anna would get hurt to which she replied it was a "Powerful Princess Car". I later learnt that the car could fly and it had to be in the lines of the floor. Lucy described the car as lovely because of it's eyelashes and flower wheels. 

When I asked about Cartoons and characters I found out Alex liked Pokemon because it was immaginative, colourful, cute and had interesting characters. He felt like stories were important and that he liked nice looking animation. He also spoke to me about Chihiro from spirted away and said he liked her because she's relatable. 

Here are the lists I collected. 


  • Cleaning
  • Homework
  • Waiting

  • Siblings
  • When siblings make you late


  • Pictures


  • Games - 3DS, XBOX
  • Call Of Duty
  • Batman
  • Lego Games
  • Pokemon
  • Books/Comics
  • Homework (can be interesting sometimes) 
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Animals (Dogs are fluffy)
  • Music


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