Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Character: Concept cards and Initial Ideas

Here are the concept cards that I picked today.

My cards are:

"Crime" - Investigation/Theft
"Morality" - Truth & Lies/Scruples
"Resistance" - Restriction/Barriers

I felt that I was pretty lucky in drawing these cards because I feel that they work well together. The first thing that came to mind was two forces either side of the law possibly like cops and robbers. In terms of game mechanics the player could choose which side to play as and the sides would resist against each other during the game. With this kind of game it would possibly work best as a board game or a video game.

Based on the morality concept however players could also be placed into the morality's of good, neutral and evil and could again compete to see which morality wins.

 In terms of the resistance card I was also reminded of an anarchist resistance against government, anarchists are seen as criminals but often they're often trying to do things for moral reasons.



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