Friday, 4 September 2015

Personal Work: Beach Speedpaint

With a new year coming around I felt like it was time to change my blog and freshen it up a bit. 

I'd been struggling to find an idea I liked, but after watching far too much steven universe I was inspired to speedpaint a beach for my banner.

Being a bit of a perfectionist I've always struggled to stick to one layer and just dive in with a speedpaint, but this time I forced myself not to worry about tiny little things and it really paid off. I started by blocking out colours, using a pastel looking palette and then gradually worked into it. 

I then neatened it up and added the text. Now in the weeks before we start I'll probably nitpick around my blog and double check everything looks okay. 

I'm also hoping my scanner will work soon so I can upload some personal work I've been working on. Other than that I can't wait to get back and start working soon! 


  1. I like your new banner, your blog is looking really tidy as well :D

    1. Thanks! Finally got there in the end! :)

  2. Well done :) nice blending on the sea

  3. Hey Kayliegh :) Thanks for your offer of mentoring duties: your cg-ling is...

    Dinesh @

    Get stuck in :) Cheers!

    1. I'm hoping you might take another one under your wing?

      Ben @