Thursday, 17 September 2015

Group discussions so far!

I thought I'd take some time to summarise what our group has been talking about so far. 

We started off by coming up with names and discussing what we liked and disliked. The first few names that were suggested were Strange Productions, Brain Box, MKCR and Fantasy Edge. Strange Productions (suggested by Max) sounded nice but not being aware of our tone it wasn't as viable. Brain Box (suggested by Max) could be designed pretty well graphically and would probably give us a clean design. MKCR (suggested by Chels) is a nice use of all of our names, and represents us all. Fantasy Edge (suggested by me) was described as having a whimsical feel and was the most liked at the time. 

Going with the whimsical feel I decided to come up with a few more names. I came up with Crystal Spectre, Raining Monsoon, Floating Cloudworks and Soaring Stardust. The group felt that these names possibly sounded too fantasy like and Monsoon and Cloudworks would work well on own instead. 

Ridge being busy was a little late to joining our discussion but suggested the names Exotic, Exotic Matter, GrassHopper and New Waves. The group liked the sound of Exotic Matter and New Waves. 

We also briefly started touching on colour schemes. 
I put together some colour schemes to see which might work well but I think we'll have more of an idea for colour once we have our name. I think Blue, Green or Red may be the way to go however. Now that we've had time to think of suggestions and consider different options we should now be moving to wrap things up and choose a name!



  1. Cloudworks is nice - not too cutesy or whimsical, as it suggests the fluffy stuff, but also thunder and lightening and noise and energy - in other words, it sort of suggests ongoing change, transformation and outbursts of energy.

  2. It could also be a 'Works' that build 'Clouds'. Although I'd say its possibly a little close to Dreamworks in name. Naming a studio doesn't mean necessarily that you need to could another method. For example the software company that makes Doom is called 'ID' from the Freudian' definition of the psyche but is also short for 'In Demand'.

  3. MKCR is close to the method above but doesn't have a specific meaning beyond a group of letters.

  4. Another method is to look for a real name / term that personifies what you're going to do as a studio (the bottom line is that you're going to be doing amazing things and your name could reflect that). For example 'Peppers Ghost' is a Victorian trick to create a hologram effect. So as a name and as a phenomena its interesting and amazing. I went to a school called Gnomon - A 'Gnomon' is the bit of a sundial that casts the shadow, it also means direction. This was a perfect name for a school which was giving students a direction. Maya mean's illusion which is perfect for a piece of software that creates virtual trickery. Look around you, listen to dialogue, do some thematic research...the answer could be right in front of you.