Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Figuring out title concept font


Trying to figure out which font is best for my app! I think maybe number 5 but change the white to black and then colour the inside white? I'm also wondering whether to add the Jam Jars back.



  1. Be careful with false perspective fonts on a background that isn't in perspective. In my opinion, the tilt of the sign makes most of the fonts in perspective look off. Number 4 works well because it's a flat font. Number 5 works too, but only just about ! Also, be careful not to use the "Top 10 Popular fonts" so to say on DaFont etc.. they're very easily recognizable but not for the right reasons.

    1. I'm possibly thinking of handdrawing it? I just didn't want it to be too messy. I think something similar to 5 would be good, I don't think 4 quite works with the style :P