Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Jam Jar contents

I drew a few objects inside the Jam Jars to see which kind of things would fit in best. I think most of them have potential but some things would need to be smaller and and have more of them? I also think some things should have eyes so they fit in better with other objects. 


  1. I like 3 and 8, they give of a bug catcher vibe; which could help an audience see the jars as collections of strange things. Another suggestion for contents of a jar could be buttons, as hey can be recognized as something to collect.

  2. think multiple, smaller, colourful butterflies in that jam jar - as opposed to one big, cramped looking one - also, i think these contents need to be 'not' line art - so more like your designs for your characters - because the jam jars are already 'line art', and visually you don't want things looking to wishy-washy...