Tuesday, 3 February 2015

FSTS: Fish development work

In my sheet of thumbs I really liked this fish and wanted to improve it to help it fit in better with my story, I tested some bigger tails and also changed the face. For me it's between 1 and 4, 1 being the comedic approach to this character whereas 4 is the charming cute approach to this character.


  1. The comedic approach would keep with the theme but I wonder, considering its role in the story, if you could give it a more mischievous/cunning expression? :)

  2. yes - it needs a bit more intelligence perhaps (though I like the 'for animation' style). I wonder too is there anything in this design that tells us it's a 'space' fish? This could be a stupid idea, but giving it something as obvious as space-helmet might be fun - but something in addition to make it a bit less goldfish and a bit more spadefish... try some things out :)