Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Developing my first idea

When I was thinking about my initial ideas I came up with the idea of using sweets as the influence for the designs because of the way it looks. I was worried however about the best way to show this to children because if I'm not careful they could be scared by the virus or think influenza is a good thing because it's like a sweet.

Rather than the typical setting of the body I'd like to instead explain it using a Sweet Shop which could seem less intimidating for children. The parts of the body would be inside jars and then as a possible story idea through some kind of event they would fall and influenza would be able to infect cells? As the cells get worn out they would rot.

I looked into the kind of cells that might be found in the respiratory system and thought about possible sweets to base them off, I thought normal cells looked like licorice for example. The sketches above were just there to help me picture what my mix of cells might look like. I also sketched out a rough sweet shop however I'd like to research this further as I think a vintage sweet shop design would work really well. 

I think this idea could work but it still needs development in terms of story and needs more research into the environment and how well it could link into representing the human body. I'm thinking of ideas such as my sweet shop could have a staircase based on a DNA strand. 


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