Sunday, 14 September 2014

Machine and Structure Turnarounds

With the start of the course closeby I wanted to get my turnarounds finished before we started. 

For my machine turnaround I chose to do number 27. I thought the design was pretty cute and also interesting. I think this turnaround went pretty well though the shading could be improved, I was a little unsure how to give the robot the metallic feel though I think I somewhat show that. I also think the side looks a little flat, it kind of reminds me of a sonic screwdriver. 
LEFT: Original shading, RIGHT: Shading without the pattern. 

For my structure turnaround I decided to do number 51. I liked it because it was an interesting shape. I had a few problems trying to colour this. I wanted to give the impression that the outside was grassy. On the left above the image was the first shading I did for the the turnaround. I disliked the texture I had created. I then started again and on the right above the image you can see the shading that was underneath my second attempt.  I then draw on small blades of grass over the top. It's almost to the texture I desired but not quite, I think taking the time to practice how to paint different textures would definitely be useful to me.

I'll post my lifeform as soon as it's completed though I'm also struggling with that a little so far.


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  1. I really like the machine turnaround, it looks really cute!