Monday, 22 September 2014

Invisible Cities: Initial thumbnails 1-32

Today we had our first lessons on Maya and Painting. I was really excited though the thought of working with Maya was a little scary as I'd never used it before. Playing around with Maya made me feel a little more comfortable because when I first saw it I was shocked by how many buttons there were! I'm hoping I'll understand it the more I use it. 

We then had our first lesson on painting with Photoshop. I really enjoyed the lesson and though I'd used Photoshop a couple of times before I leant some new things such as some keyboard shortcuts. 

 Above are the tests I did with the brushes to help get familiar with them. 

We then were asked to produce thumbnail drawings using various tools in Photoshop and we only had a minute to produce each one. The first 16 were produced for the city Octavia and I used a variety of brushes to create initial thumbnails related to its description. I started out with a very heavy brush but towards the end I found other brushes and produces more interesting shapes to work with. 17-32 were produced mainly using the lasso and marque tools to create abstract shapes and then some of these were worked into using a brush. 

So far 9, 10, 14, 19 and 25 look pretty interesting. I'm hoping to produce more by tomorrow and upload them.

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  1. loving that 2nd sheet, Kayliegh - structures everywhere! :D