Thursday, 25 September 2014

Influence maps for Invisible cities

Here are the influence maps I put together in relation to the invisible cities brief. I've tried to create general maps that can be used to influence all the cities. I'm hoping as I progress and find cities I like that I'll make more maps for those cities in particular.  

This is the first map I made I tried to think about the city that I wanted to create. The 3x3 image in the middle is to represent that I'd like to aim for creating a romantic, pastel type city. The two 2x2 images represent Venice and Italian architecture. Venice is one of my favourite cities and I noted that it also has canals which a few of the cities mention. Venice made me think of Italian architecture and it could be nice to include it in my city. I also have canals, pillars and bridges on my map because they're mentioned in a few of the cities. All the 1x1 spaces are taken up by fictional cities I'm fond of and inspired by. Radiant Garden (Kingdom Hearts) was added for its interesting structure and pastel colours, Kings Landing (Game of Thrones) was added for it's grandness, Candy Kingdom (Adventure Time) was added for it's colours, Tokyo-3 (Evangelion) was added because I like the adaptive nature of the city, it's futuristic and the buildings can be brought underground out of the way, Gotham (Batman) was added because I found it interesting how it had been portrayed throughout the comics, games and films each artist has had a different take on the city some choosing a Art Deco style and some going for a more gritty approach, Ba Sing Se (Avatar: The Last Airbender) was included because I really loved the environments in Avatar, lastly I've also included Rapture (Bioshock) for it's interesting Art Deco type city. 

I also wanted some real cities to be inspired by so I tried to find some amazing real places. Of course Venice is also on this map as well as Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Rome, Cape town, Bruges and a small place called Tanah Lot in Bali.  


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