Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Maya tutorial: Polygon Eggcup

Over Monday and Tuesday I was playing around with Maya and I also started following the tutorials to make my first ever model.

The first three images were me just playing around seeing the difference between Nerbs and Polygons and also trying to test out the extrude tool. I then began making a polygon eggcup which looked like it was going fine until I turned on perspective view and it was on a giant slant. I then tried to fix it best I could and continue on with the tutorial, it seemed to go fairly well though I noticed when I'd finished that one side was a bit bumpy compared to the other, I did attempt to fix this though I didn't succeed. I'll have to revisit this tutorial and see if my next attempt is any better. 


  1. Well done Kayleigh! A good start indeed! Yes, just a tip when you model stuff in Maya, you've always got to be checking your views constantly so to ensure that you do not just model it from only one view! :)

  2. Hey Kayleigh great to see you getting stuck in. The forms are a little wobbly but you'll soon pick that up.
    Well done.