Sunday, 5 October 2014

Invisible Cities: Initial Thumbnails 191-302

This is my page for Moriana I focused on it's transparent gates and descriptions of spikes and ropes. I quite like 199 and 200.

For Phyllis I focused on the canals that were mentioned. I think 215 is interesting.

I struggled a little with Sophronia but focused on it ferris wheel and amusement type descriptions. I like 234.

For Tamara I focused on signposts though again struggled in some places. I like 239, 243 and 246. 

With Thekla I used the idea of catwalk and ladders to drive me. I like 258 and 267.

Zenobia was driven by its platforms and bamboo. I like 280, 281 and 284.

There wasn't a lot to go off with Zirma though I like 288, 293 and 297.

Now that I'd had a brief look at each city I've chosen 3 that I'm going to develop a few thumbnails on before I choose which city I'd like to work on. 


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  1. I like 196,205,241,259,280 and 284- especially the ones from Zenobia !