Friday, 17 October 2014

Invisible cities: Buildings and Establishing Shot Composition

 Here are some building designs that I considered for Ersilia. I tried out some unusual shapes to create some buildings that would fit with my idea for the city. 

I was struggling in terms of composition for Ersilia, I had a rough idea of where I wanted everything to be placed but I still wasn't sure. So to help me envision the city I created a birds eye view of it. On the right of the image is the city itself, the thick lines represent streets and the squares represent where a important building or space might go. I tried to lay it out like a circuit board. To the side are the mountains and the posts which are mentioned in the text.

Keeping these ideas in mind I planned out a rough composition for my establishing exterior shot. I kept the rule of thirds in mind and kept the mountains in the top third and the city central and to the right of the shot. This is only a rough sketch at the moment I plan to add more buildings and finalise it soon.

Next I'm planning on sketching out modes of transport and working on interiors, I'm possibly thinking of the interior shot being inside the station or shopping center. 


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  1. you building compositions are interesting, I like the shape of the art museum, but I think if you added more curve lines they wouldn't look so generic :) It really depends on the angle that you are looking at the city, if you are going for the way you have laid it out above, don't worry to much about arranging where the buildings go, no one is going to see the background buildings much - remember the further away it is the less detail. So for making your established shot maybe thinking of picking some essential buildings in terms of the description and bringing them forward and then just fill up behind it with ''non-genric'' blocked building - if you get what I mean.

    In terms of your interior thoughts, you could have a look at the inside of Blue-water and the Pentagon to get an idea of how to structure the shopping center, or for the train station go for London Victoria or maybe New York Grand Central as their stations are designed really well.

    here is a good image of Grand Central :

    if you haven't looked already :)

    Other than that you have a good idea going, keep it up and let us see those other two angle ideas :)