Saturday, 14 November 2015

Character: Character sketches

Here are some of the sketches produced for my characters. I will refine and work with these in photoshop.

The "Codfather"
In terms of these sketches I feel that 3 or 5 captures best what I was trying to portray in terms of a mafia boss. 

 Fox Protagonist 
I'm struggling in terms of interesting clothes with my protagonists but this is something I will look more into while refining characters. I'm liking the shape of 1 but I feel he should be a little more muscular like 4.

Raccoon Protagonist 
I think my closest representation of my character here is 4. I think some of the shape could be improved but I like her hood and jacket. 

I also need to make sure all these characters look like these fit in the same world, I think some changes to the Fox protagonist would help him look more coherent with my Raccoon.


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  3. Hi Kayliegh.

    Ok, a piece of feedback and advice:

    This is quite a common problem when learning to draw characters so when considering this feedback see it as something that with some advice, tips and tricks, and a bit of practice is easily fixed (generally the quality of drawing rapidly improves). For more info ask Ayunie or Sukhi in year three, they went through the same steps in year 2. Ok, so hear goes....

    1) Personality: You do character well - Each of your drawings has personality (That's great). This is the hardest thing to teach so its very positive your drawings have this quality already.

    2) Structure & Proportion (internal base shape and scale): This is something you're doing less well (50% of what it should be). Your drawings have mismatched parts - arms are too long / too short (upper arms don't match lower also), torso's are longer than the lower body. Some drawing are more 3D other flat and so on. As I said this can be fixed with a bit more care and attention - A way to start improving in this area is firstly to 'just to become aware of the problem' and make sure you check everything - eg, start to measure your drawings. For example, the length from shoulder to hand (finger tip) should finish where the trouser pocket is (upper thigh), the elbow is half way down (in line with the belly button). From head to mid crotch (pelvis) is the same and mid crotch to the flat of the feet. And so on...After those simple checks, then consider shape...what shapes are the character made of and then draw the details on top (this step is a little harder and will need a demonstration - Ask Justin or I'll show you when I see you).

    As I said, there is strong personality in your work so its well worth looking a little deeper in how to keep your drawings consistent and structurally sound. Its doesn't take long to improve this.