Thursday, 28 August 2014

CAA Summer Challenge Silhouettes 11-20

I created more silhouettes to help me create more sketches, I tried to create more shapes that would help encourage me to draw more machines and structures.

I quite like 11, 13 and 17.


  1. yep, 11 has lots of innate charm :)

  2. Hi Kayliegh, and welcome to the CG family. I'm a soon to be third year student, any questions regarding the course please don't hesitate to ask :).
    I like 13 I can imagine it to become some kind of mechanical scorpion. I also agree with Phil, I think 11 holds the potential to become a structure, it has that geometric edge to it.

  3. Hey Kayliegh,

    Great shapes. Good thinking.
    It would be awesome if you could push forward couple of silhouettes. They have potential!