Thursday, 25 August 2016

@Alan Rethinking Year 3 Idea

Although I liked the idea of working with Lemurs as characters I felt that's all that was pushing my idea and a story wasn't coming naturally to me.

I didn't feel like I was a strong storywriter so instead I looked into some unfamilar short stories. I tried to pick stories with interesting characters as this is something that appeals to me.

Here are some of the stories I have found appealing:

"The Little Green Monster"
(Haruki Murakami)
Synopsis: A monster burrows up into a woman's garden, breaks into her house, and proposes love. The creature can read her mind and she uses this fact to fight against it.

I found this story interesting because it reminded me of receiving unwanted attention. The ending involves the creature being tortured (by the womans mind) and the woman firmly stating that his proposal was unwanted. If I choose this idea I'd like to change this ending slightly to make it more appropriate for children.

"The Tale of the Rainbow Cat"
(Miyahara Kōichirō)

Synopsis: A mischievous rainbow cat visits a wedding in the clouds and tricks a Thunder God.

I felt that the character design for this story would be particularly interesting. Also I feel like the rainbow cat would be an appealing character for children. Not much about this story would have to be changed.

"The Tidy Drawer"
(Mo McAuley)

Synopsis: Abby is told to tidy up by her mother but when she's cleaned up and about to collect her reward they find fun things in the tidy drawer.

This story has an interesting premise and shows children that it can be fun to do things such as tidy up. 

I personally think that both the Tale of the Rainbow Cat and The Tidy Drawer would both be fun to adapt, the Rainbow Cat has more interesting characters however I think the Tidy Drawer is better in terms of story. I'd like to know peoples thoughts on which story they'd like to see.


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