Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Third Year Project Idea: Lemurs!

This idea started it's life as a trip to ZSL London Zoo. An exhibit there had a walk in lemur section in which you could see ringtailed lemurs. I didn't really know much lemurs and I was fascinated by them. I've included some of my excited shots of them below!

During the ideas surgery on Monday I mentioned these lovely creatures as being a starting point in which I was asked to look into them further and question what if these things were different. 

Lemur Facts

  • Lemurs are small primates that are mammals 
  • Lemurs are only found in Madagascar and Comoro Island
  • Some Lemurs are Herbivores and some are Omnivores
  • Most lemurs are Arboreal meaning they stay in the trees, apart from the ringtailed lemurs which search the ground for food
  • Some lemurs like the dwarf mouse and aye-aye are nocturnal
  • They have pointed noses and a good sense of smell
  • Lemurs are highly social creatures
  • They live in troops of 7-10 Lemurs with a female leader
  • Ringtailed lemurs use their tails to help stay within sight of each other
  • Lemurs are endangered because people want them as pets and their habitat is shrinking

From these facts I wondered what would happen if a lemur accidentally wondered from their group?

I can only imagine being the social creatures they are they'd look for this lemur. 

Then I thought about the lemur itself and why it might wonder in the first place. I thought what if this lemur was a baby and excited about exploring it's world. 


I would like to tell the story of a mischievous baby lemur that wonders from it's troop. It would go on an amazing adventure with some perils along the way but eventually find it's way home to the troop.

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  1. theres so many ideas that could be included in this which makes it great!
    I just read Once Upon a Cloud - about a girl looking for the perfect gift for her mother who goes on a big adventure to find it. Maybe the baby makes something for the leader?

    You could even look at an old fable and adapt it like the Ugly Duckling. Maybe this lemur got mixed up in the wrong group and doesnt fit in because theyre not the right monkey group

    or his rings on his tails come in later than the rest of his pals?

    really dig deep into this something simple like hes trying to swing with his tail and keep up but then he finds he has a different talent that the troop need or like - like Happy Feet or The Hare and the Tortoise.

    Good luck with it all