Friday, 4 March 2016

@Alan Adaptation B: New idea direction

After looking at both Slugterra and Pokemon I've come up with a new idea to go with my recyclable materials theme. Alan suggested looking at Slugterra because of how it's slug characters are based on the same basic shape. I then went in search of what my base shape could be.

I decided to do a google search of insects because they're an inspiration behind Pokemon and found a picture of a ladybird and it just clicked with me that my recyclable characters could be beetles.

Beetles come in similar shapes but some are slightly different and can be different sizes. They can also come in a variety of colours meaning I could be inventive with colour and texture and they could still be believable as beetles. 

I also believe this could work as a concept in terms of it's 'story'. The recyclable beetles could collect recyclable materials in a ball and roll them in a similar way that dung beetles would. This also reminded me of the game Katamari. 

The next step would be to define the base shape and then start thinking about the alterations between character.


  1. Katamari is an example I use often to explain 'mundane tasks' up-cycled into games concepts...It's cleaning as a game...very addictive too (I'm sure I mentioned this before?). Scale is very important in the game, it changes the players perspective and is the objective (getting bigger until you can clean no more). So in your casethe 'beetles / pokemon' are cleaning up the world using their special abilities...Understanding those is very important and will really help to design them. Ok Kayliegh go for it......

  2. Note: Figure out an objective for the game (keep is really simple, again think about Katamari) and think about your villain...this could be a another insect/pokemon, humans, or the environment itself. I like the idea of humans reminds me of The Wombles (see below) meets A Bugs Life / Ants.