Thursday, 4 December 2014

WIM: Clock tower model complete

I kept on modelling my clock tower, again using the vertexs to shape it.

 I then placed it into the scene with the blockout to see what it looked like. I wasn't quite happy with how tall it was so I changed the size slightly and kept moving it about until I got the position I wanted for it. 

I took it back into it's original scene and then started editing the model so it was taller. 

Here is my clock tower modeled and ready to UV! Lets hope it goes smoothly and I don't have too much editing to do!



  1. Looking good, to add to what you have i think you could add the clocks rings and shape, the clock is feeling a bit flat.

    1. I was going to see if I could texture it to give this impression instead, it makes it slightly easier to UV map but if that doesn't work out I'll go back and add it :)