Friday, 24 February 2017

@Alan Major Project: Lyra Face and Hair

Using a previous body shape, I started designing Lyra's face and hair. The clothes here are a placeholder until I move onto this in more detail. Styles such as 3 wouldn't work as they are messy however 4 and 8 stand out as the most simple yet charming. I like 1 but I don't feel there is much charm to it. 4 is my personal favourite. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

@Alan Major Project: Lyra body shapes/clothes

From the research done on Vinyl toys, I sketched out a couple of shapes.
Using these shapes, I've begun testing articles of clothing to decide which type of body shape would work best.
I really like 2, 4, 9 and 11 which suggests that the two rightmost in the "body examples" are the sets of rules closest to what I'd like to achieve. The next stage is to start bringing in facial features and hair however I'm not really sure how to begin implementing these. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Major Project: Vinyl Toy Reference

After speaking with Alan I decided to take a more simple approach to designing Lyra. 

The world of Vinyl toys seems to portray more of the style of character I'd like to approach. Vinyl toys take characters and shrink them down to collectible toys or figures. 


For example these are all the same character but shown in a vinyl toy forms. 

I've looked at some Vinyl toys brands and the "rules" behind them. 

Rock Candy

 More on the realistic side, roughly 3 1/2 to 4 heads high. Items in proportion with the bodies.


 Roughly 2 heads high, round head and rounded figure. Larger Head.

Pop Vinyl 

Roughly 2 heads high. Large head, square head. Thinner bodies. Items about 1/4 height of character.

Mystery Minis

Roughly 3 heads high. Torso and legs each one head. Slightly oversized, round head. Large hands and Feet. Items a head high.


Larger head, roughly 3 heads high. Exaggerated features. and large items.


Rounded oval heads. Roughly 3 heads high. "Claw" hands, rounded bodies and square feet. 


Includes 3 different shapes based on the character.  They are roughly 2 heads high. Some have rounded heads, some oval and stretched and others incorporate their head with their bodies. They have a rounded shape. 


This is a "make your own" vinyl. It is roughly 2 heads high with a large, rounded head and ears. The body is rounded with stubs for feet.

I will take these into account when designing Lyra, picking out and using these shapes.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Major Project: Reference

While looking into constructing a character I have also looked into the construction sheets Disney have made.

These are very useful in seeing the shapes that make up the Disney characters. 

Alan has suggested looking into Victorian furniture to help shape Lyra as a character. 

Using the curves in the furniture could help with my character design. 


Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday, 3 February 2017

Major Project: Initial Research

Settling on the idea of adapting the Northern Lights, I have begun research into this area. 

Lyra, the main character is a tomboy and a character with attitude in a Victorian era world (parallel to our own). 

I have put together a mood-board containing young female  actresses I felt fit with the "tomboy" character. I've noticed that they have soft faces and heavy eyebrows, something that may be interesting when designing.

To help me understand Lyra's character further, I will re-read the book and note down important areas. This will enable to "cast" and look at one of these actresses more closely.

With Lyra fitting into this tomboy category, the clothes she wears would be important to her character. I researched into Victorian clothing.

Looking into the style of the time I found towards the end of the Victorian Era (1880-1901) many women started wearing less dresses in favour of more practical clothes for activities such as tennis or cycling. Though these clothes were still feminine, they could wear blouses with skirts or bloomers.

Taking Lyra into account, she could wear a blouse instead of a dress to give her a more tomboy appearance. 

In terms of style and influence, I've looked at some sources with a similar feel such as Sherlock Holmes. 

I will continue researching alongside drawing to help capture the feel of the book. 


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Major Project: Possible adaptations

After speaking with Alan he suggested looking into adapting children's literature for my Major Project. 

After searching through the library and bookshops I've narrowed it down to two books both set in a Victorian time era. 

The Water Babies -  Charles Kingsley

Plot:  "The protagonist is Tom, a young chimney sweep, who falls into a river after encountering an upper-class girl named Ellie and being chased out of her house. There he appears to drown and is transformed into a "water-baby", as he is told by a caddisfly—an insect that sheds its skin—and begins his moral education"

Main character description:  "a little ugly, black, ragged figure, with red eyes and grinning white teeth"

Reason of interest: The place of the waterbabies leaves space to be creative around design.

Northern Lights (His Dark Materials) - Phillip Pullman

Plot: "12-year-old Lyra Belacqua runs wild with her dæmon Pantalaimon around Jordan College, Oxford, under the guardianship of the college's master. One day, she witnesses the Master poison wine intended for Lord Asriel, Lyra's rebellious and adventuring uncle. She warns Asriel, then spies on his lecture about "dust", mysterious elementary particles attracted to adults more than children, and images of a parallel universe that can be seen through the northern lights. The Oxford scholars agree to fund his research, considered heretical by the oppressive Church.

Lyra's friend Roger goes missing, presumed kidnapped by child abductors known only as the "Gobblers". Lyra is adopted by a charming socialite, Mrs Coulter. Before Lyra leaves Jordan, the Master secretly entrusts her with an alethiometer, a truth-telling device, which she quickly learns to use intuitively."

Main character description:  "blue eyes and blond hair, along with being short for her age and quite thin but is still quite attractive. She is also brave, curious, and crafty."

Reason of interest: Book I read as a child, fantastical. Option to design prop (alethiometer).