Thursday, 16 March 2017

Major Project: Pan concept test

Using the drawings I had for Pan's forms I've 'tested' how they look alongside Lyra. 

The Ermine from looks cute and with refinement I'd be happy to take it forward. The Bird form is nice but I feel it doesn't fit as well as the others. The cat form is a little too large but with refinement could look cute. The Moth form is simple but works well with the curls in Lyra's hair. Looking at these I feel the Ermine and Moth are two I would definitely want to take forward.  



  1. Looking good Kayliegh, we're close to having a finished character(s) - My only piece of feedback is that perhaps the polecat could be a bit longer in the body and be wrapped around her instead of holding on. I'm going to experiment with her neck a little and get back to you..her head may need lifting a little to give her a touch more neck. All of this is minor adjustments.

    Time to design the compass?

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  3. FYI - Also, if you haven't seen the announcement on the group blog I'm not in the University tomorrow.

  4. Ok...see link below

    Some very minor changes to finish your character. I've rounded the shoulders slightly and moved the hands down (a very small amount due to the change in the shoulders). This will stop your character looking hunched. I've included a small example of possible detailing (you only need to do a very small amount of that - eg on the cuffs) just to give the character something else. In terms of what to do next after your made the changes:

    1) Design the compass (you can do this whilst modelling etc)
    2) Try to draw a side view for modelling purposes and then come and see me on Tuesday (if possible) so we can get you started in 3D
    3) Draw side views / front views for your animals so you're ready for 3D after the character is done.
    4) Again whilst you're making your character in 3D explore face shapes and posed drawings.
    5) Brand your work starting with a logo for your version of the Golden Compass. Keep it in your 'world of design' so it fits with your character.

    Having seen how far you've come in the last few weeks its possible now that we can end up with an animated turnaround (with animals) by the end of the project. There isn't a lot of time but if you keep up the pace its doable. Keep going Kayliegh :)