Friday, 17 February 2017

Major Project: Vinyl Toy Reference

After speaking with Alan I decided to take a more simple approach to designing Lyra. 

The world of Vinyl toys seems to portray more of the style of character I'd like to approach. Vinyl toys take characters and shrink them down to collectible toys or figures. 


For example these are all the same character but shown in a vinyl toy forms. 

I've looked at some Vinyl toys brands and the "rules" behind them. 

Rock Candy

 More on the realistic side, roughly 3 1/2 to 4 heads high. Items in proportion with the bodies.


 Roughly 2 heads high, round head and rounded figure. Larger Head.

Pop Vinyl 

Roughly 2 heads high. Large head, square head. Thinner bodies. Items about 1/4 height of character.

Mystery Minis

Roughly 3 heads high. Torso and legs each one head. Slightly oversized, round head. Large hands and Feet. Items a head high.


Larger head, roughly 3 heads high. Exaggerated features. and large items.


Rounded oval heads. Roughly 3 heads high. "Claw" hands, rounded bodies and square feet. 


Includes 3 different shapes based on the character.  They are roughly 2 heads high. Some have rounded heads, some oval and stretched and others incorporate their head with their bodies. They have a rounded shape. 


This is a "make your own" vinyl. It is roughly 2 heads high with a large, rounded head and ears. The body is rounded with stubs for feet.

I will take these into account when designing Lyra, picking out and using these shapes.



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