Friday, 3 February 2017

Major Project: Initial Research

Settling on the idea of adapting the Northern Lights, I have begun research into this area. 

Lyra, the main character is a tomboy and a character with attitude in a Victorian era world (parallel to our own). 

I have put together a mood-board containing young female  actresses I felt fit with the "tomboy" character. I've noticed that they have soft faces and heavy eyebrows, something that may be interesting when designing.

To help me understand Lyra's character further, I will re-read the book and note down important areas. This will enable to "cast" and look at one of these actresses more closely.

With Lyra fitting into this tomboy category, the clothes she wears would be important to her character. I researched into Victorian clothing.

Looking into the style of the time I found towards the end of the Victorian Era (1880-1901) many women started wearing less dresses in favour of more practical clothes for activities such as tennis or cycling. Though these clothes were still feminine, they could wear blouses with skirts or bloomers.

Taking Lyra into account, she could wear a blouse instead of a dress to give her a more tomboy appearance. 

In terms of style and influence, I've looked at some sources with a similar feel such as Sherlock Holmes. 

I will continue researching alongside drawing to help capture the feel of the book. 



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