Friday, 24 February 2017

@Alan Major Project: Lyra Face and Hair

Using a previous body shape, I started designing Lyra's face and hair. The clothes here are a placeholder until I move onto this in more detail. Styles such as 3 wouldn't work as they are messy however 4 and 8 stand out as the most simple yet charming. I like 1 but I don't feel there is much charm to it. 4 is my personal favourite. 


  1. I like hair and eyes of 4 best, it's curly and symmetrical but not too curly, just the right balance. Very cute!

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  3. Don't forget to consider the character when making your choices. You're not just designing a girl you're designing a specific girl. Go back to your previous posts and look at what you said she is and then make a choice. Eg, she is a bit rebellious/ tomboy-ish so number 5 and 10 has a less even quality due to the side ponytails. Next post should be one where you have made personality based choices and explored them - I want to see pages of drawings / variations.