Monday, 16 January 2017

@Alan Major Project: Initial ideas

Following my previous project I realised I'd rather tackle an animation that was in the "cartoon world" as this is what I enjoy doing. 

I looked into things that I personally find interesting and I wondered how I could possibly translate fantasy into a cartoon that was easy for children to perceive. With books such as Lord of the Rings, they're often long and complicated and children won't often read them until they are a much older age. I currently play in a DnD campaign in which I lot of information is perceived in a short space of time and even as an adult I can forget what has happened from one session to the next. I'd recently became interested in the Druid class and their devotion to Nature. This seemed like an interesting topic to pursue. 

As humans we have a responsibility to look after the planet we live on and with most cartoons nowadays they convey an important message to children. I wanted to turn this class into a likable character for a cartoon. 

The character I began to bring to life was a young girl named Luci (shortened from Lucielle) who had abilities in which to communicate with beasts and nature. What I had to think about was how she could fit into a world and a story and why this would be important to her character. 

I imagine her world as a natural and organic environment, which is threatened by pollution and corruption. This is what as she as a character is trying to prevent. 

A possible villain is a character harming this environment and turning the environment into beasts. 
Below is some of the drawings I have completed so far. 

Starting off with Luci I drew what came to mind then continued to refine it. In terms of the face I felt that 3 was close to the kind of character I imagine for Luci and the hairstyle seems playful. I then drew up a base for her body to ensure she was the correct proportions for a young girl and focused on costume, facial shapes and hair. 1 and 3 are my favourites although they're very initial at this stage. 

I also considered how nature could become beasts and decided that with designing a human character, these additional characters should be simple to allow completion of this project. I thought the idea of evil mushrooms could be pretty fun and started exploring this idea. 

This idea is very initial but I'd like to have some conversations around how this could be fleshed out and what is achievable in the time. 


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